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Summer Camps 2023!

Summer Camp is ON for Summer 2023! Below you will find the dates, costs, and link to the registration form. 

Please read below, and click HERE to fill out the registration form. 

The basics:

Each week of summer camp goes from Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, and take place at our property in Elmore. Cost is $250-$300 Self determined sliding scale, unless otherwise noted. There are a few Specialty camps with high material costs and lower student numbers that cost $300. 

*$100 deposit per camp you are signing up for is due by May 10 to hold spot, and remainder of balance is due one week before the start of camp*

Once your registration and deposit are received I will send you a confirmation email. Please note that simply filling out the registration form does not guarantee a spot. Slots are filled on a first come first serve basis, and there are times when the form shows slots when in fact the camp is full. 

June 19-22 Gifts of the Deer, max 10 students, ages 8-14, cost $300

June 26-29 Advanced Skills, max 12 students, ages 8-14, cost $250-300

July 24-27 Wilderness Adventure camp, max 12 students, ages 8-14, cost $250-300

Aug 7-10 Bow Making Camp, max 10 students, ages 10-14, cost $300

Aug 14-17 Forest Archer Camp, max 12 students, ages 10-14, cost $250-300

Camp Descriptions:


Wilderness Adventure Camp: Explore the woods, build shelter, light fires by friction, cook wild food, play games, carve and craft with wild materials, and have tons of fun. 


Gifts of the Deer Camp: Spend the working with the gifts of the white-tailed deer. We will work in small groups to transform raw deer skin into beautiful finished buckskin. This process is magical, sometimes stinky, and hard work, but is incredibly rewarding. We will also work with bone tools, sinew string, rawhide, and other tools and crafts that the Deer gift us. 

Advanced Skills Camp: Ready to tackle some advanced Wilderness Skills? This week is for Kiddos who have already had some experience with the basics of carving, friction fire, cordage, coal-burning, etc... We will expand on all of these skills, making pump drills, working on woven baskets and advanced bark baskets, new friction fire techniques, primitive traps, as well as stone tools and flintknapping. This will be an exciting craft heavy week of camp. 


Bow Making Camp: Spend the week crafting your very own bow and arrow. Starting with harvesting a tree, and shaping the wood into a beautiful and deadly bow that you take home with you. This camp is more advanced thus the 10 year age minimum, and is best if the students have prior carving and tool use experience. 


Forest Archer Camp: Bring a bow you made during bow camp, or use one of our camp bows and spend the week learning how to shoot instinctively, and deadly accurate. We will cover basic archery form, and spend lots of time practicing with our bows. We will craft arrows, working with pitch glue, sinew, and stone tools. We will have competitions, games, and lots of fun working with archery and other wilderness skills. 

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