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Adult Workshops

Braintanning Fox Hides Fur On

Sept 8-10

Stannard, VT

$350, includes camping and all materials

Come tan your own fox hide all naturally using the braintan method. Students will learn all parts of fur on hide tanning, starting with animal skinning and finishing with smoking a beautifully soft fox pelt. Students will use Fox hides that were trapped locally in northern VT in the Fall, and fleshed and dried for storage. Skinning and fleshing will be experienced with other animals/hides. 

This Workshop takes place side by side with Black Ash pack baskets, Natural Dyes, and Felted Slippers. For more information on the other workshops email me at

To Register please email me at and send a $100 deposit to secure your spot. 

Black Ash Gathering Basket

Coming soon!

Folded Bark Baskets

Coming Soon!

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